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Jan 16, 2012
Monastereo Recording studio reopens. Come see.
Jan 4, 2010
CBC Fresh Air's Mark Rheaume ranks Lefty Singer track "Phoenix at the wheel" in top 10 for 2009.
Jan 4, 2010
Now Magazine's Carla Gillis gives 3 N's for Lefty Singer
Greetings and welcome. It's been some time since I tended to my 'public' life. In fairness, life's been woefully busy such that anything involving typing seems to have fallen by the wayside. At any rate, read on about recent remixes and productions, my new studio, Eccodek's latest release and more...

The biggest news is of course the recent release of Eccodek's latest remixtrospective, the 14-track epic, Remixtasy. Released on my new imprint Big Mind Records, the album features an insane lineup of global minded producers and remixers, including Transglobal Underground, Adham Shaikh, Jef Stott, EarthRise SoundSystem, Delhi 2 Dublin's Tarun Nayar, Dubmatix and more. Listen here.

We've just completed building of the new Monastereo Recording studio, a spacious environment where we hope to make a lot of records. Please check out shots of the new rooms here. Email me to discuss your project.

I've also wrapped up a bevy of production and remix work for artists including Real World's Dub Colossus and Syriana, Toronto's Dubmatix, the UK's Transglobal Underground, Vancouver's Delhi 2 Dublin, California's Desert Dwellers, Canadian group Modern Field Recordings and more. Check out the mixes here.

This past summer I was composer-in-residence for an arts initiative titled Common Pulse, in Durham, Ontario. The Canadian Heritage and OCAD supported project brought 5 unique artists together using diverse mediums of video, robotics, music, performance art, multi-media installation and more to create a unifying, collaborative work based on a shared, synchronizing, digital pulse signal. I created a 12-minute ambient piece to act as the soundtrack to the curious and capricious installation. I'll be posting an excerpt of the 12 minute track shortly so check back soon. (headphones strongly recommended) Info on the whole event can be found here.

While touring in the summer of 2010 I met the founders and firestarters of the Amarok Society, a non-profit organization committed to educating mothers who in turn educate their own and their neighbours' children in some of the most desperate geographies in the world. Please support their very noble cause by visiting here. Spread the word.